Scrub up!

Hi Everyone, I am starting a new blog format on WordPress  as I didn’t want to lose any followers with the Google thinkgy going on, (I’m not as popular as all of you – laughing -) and wondered which you like best, I am duplicating posts on each and would appreciate your input as to which you like best. I have to say Blogger has more options to edit the contents UNLESS I pay for more options on WordPress, comments gratefully received.

Today I have a sugar scrub, that I made for a few of the family as last minute presents. I found the instructions and labels HERE. It was easy to make, smelt gorgeous and was wonderful to use, the results were pretty amazing too, with soft, soft hands.


Author: Faith A

Thank you for visiting. I hope to see you again and would love it if you like what I post to follow me.

5 thoughts on “Scrub up!”

  1. Hello Faith ,
    I recently found my wordpress site that I had left years ago and posted in it to see if it still worked . And it did so I am thinking about reopening it but still keeping my blog . I think it is 6 of one and half a dozen of another just depends on which you find easier to operate . Hugs Shirley-Anne


  2. Okay, So I LOVE this new blog!!
    It is clean and crisp to look at, and I’m already following by email.
    I think with a WP blog you can’t go wrong.. but then again I’m biased, I’ve had mine for a long time now. Smiles.

    I LOvE that lemon scrub so much, thank you, thank you, thank you for the link!!

    Huge hugs.


  3. I’m wordpress too and I like the ease since I’m not a computer person. I have the free one and I have no issues with editing stuff but I don’t do anything fancy. Just let me know which one to save.


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